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For years, Ketchum Kitchens has been a go-to in the Wood River Valley for locals and visitors alike to find everything from funny coasters to fondue sets to bar accessories to barbecues. But never before has the store felt so fresh, vibrant, and complete. We’ve expanded our offerings to include a more robust section for entertaining at home, premium cooking equipment, and an even broader spectrum of gifts. Most notably, we’ve added on our new “Gourmet Marketplace,” which offers specialty foods, wines and artisanal treats.

At Ketchum Kitchens, we offer a wonderful assortment of products at competitive prices. Every item is team-tested or tasted to take the guess work out of it for you! We are proud of our energetic and knowledgeable staff who consistently win the local “Best of the Valley” Awards for Best Customer Service and Best Gift Store. 

So, stop on by — we’d love to share what we’ve been cooking up!


Debra Flower

Debra is our warm and bubbly Sales and Customer Service leader. Her hard work and passion for cooking make her an important part of Ketchum Kitchen’s incredible team. Regarding her work here at KK, she says “Kitchen stores are my passion. I come from a Williams-Sonoma store management background. I really appreciate how KK offers so much more than traditional stores. We are a kitchen store, gift store, gourmet food store, wine shop, coffee center, bookstore and the best place to see all of our friends in the Wood River Valley. We are always growing and adding to our products to keep KK my favorite store!”

Debra’s goal is to provide the best customer service anywhere and she has accomplished this as we have been voted the “Best in the Valley for Customer Service” for the past two years!

Favorite Things at Ketchum Kitchens:
Cutlery--Shun and Wusthof, the most important tools in the kitchen
Hestan--new and revolutionary cookware, a U.S. company; handmade in Italy
Wood Lab--beautiful charcuterie boards made in Eagle, Idaho
Gourmet Market Place--great foods, wines, vinegars and oils, snacks, seasonings, mixes and so much more

Kim Holden

Kim has worked at Ketchum Kitchens for the past fourteen years. She moved from California in 1996 and made a home here for her four children, who love Sun Valley as much as she does.

Kim is happiest when working in the kitchen, which makes her a natural at helping customers find “just the right equipment” for their homes too. She loves to test our products in her own home, so she knows how everything works. Kim loves to host parties and will advise anyone how to plan an elegant party in their own home.

In her spare time, she loves to entertain, work on complicated genealogical research, and spend time with her family, friends and grandchildren. 

Kim leads our Kitchen Consulting Team and is the perfect person to help any customer outfit a new kitchen or re-outfit their current kitchen.

Kim's Favorites at Ketchum Kitchens:
Lafco: Feu de Bois/Ski House Candle & Soap
Cuore di Pepe Nero Erbario Toscano: Room Spray
Lodge: Every Pan 
WoodLab Boards: Ocean Shades
Andrew Pearce: Champlain Cherry Wood Salad Bowls
Zavor: Lux LCD Multi-Cooker

Michael Lackey

Michael is originally from the Seattle area where after working in finance for 11 years, quit to attend culinary school.  After finishing in 2014, Michael opened up his catering company and catered fundraisers, business events, private dinners, and other occasions.  In 2017 Michael took a position for Sur la Table in Kirkland, WA where he quickly ascended to assistant resident chef, instructing 100s of foodies in all sorts of cuisines. Michael moved out to Sun Valley in August of 2020 in hopes of partnering with SVCI to continue teaching culinary classes. When Michael is not teaching you can find him at Ketchum Kitchens talking all things food. He also enjoys hiking, skiing, fishing, running and of cooking for family and friends.

Whitney Melin

After years of working in restaurants, and eventually partnering in a local one, Whitney has finally found the perfect place to pursue her passion for cooking here at Ketchum Kitchens. She is currently experimenting with more gizmos and gadgets and pots and pans than she could have ever dreamed. When Whitney isn’t enjoying time in the kitchen, she loves to show her daughter, Brady, all the amazing things Idaho has to offer and how lucky we are to live here. 

She is a buyer and the main person behind the computer system (someone has to do it!) and can ring you up with a smile and a joke. 

Whitney's Go-To's in the Kitchen:
Zavor Lux Multicooker
Hestan Wok
Progressive Handheld Adjust-A-Slice and Julienne Mandolin
SMEG Tea Kettle

Bobb Raziano

Bobb “with three B’s” is our Inventory Manager. He is generally very elusive, but if you stand still and squint your eyes you may catch him. Whether he is processing shipments, replenishing shelves or managing our inventory system, Bobb is in constant motion and always making sure we have a well-stocked store.

Bobb has been in the Valley for over 30 years, starting as a ski tuner and moving into inventory management with some of our Valley’s top sport retailers. He brings a wealth of inventory experience to our store, a knowledge of skis and skiing, and a constant smile, upbeat attitude and a great sense of humor. Hidden behind that smile is a borderline-OCD personality that keeps everything neat, organized and spotlessly clean.

Gay Riley

After 2 years with us at KK, Gay is a “newbie” compared to the rest of our veteran staff! But, while she may be a little wet behind the ears, she makes up for it in pure enthusiasm and passion for all things food! Gay has lived happily in the Wood River Valley for fifty years and has volunteered with local food non-profits including The Hunger Coalition and Idaho’s Bounty. She equally loves supporting local farmers, solving cooking dilemmas and hiking in our wilderness.

Gay seems to know almost everybody in the Valley and engages her many old friends and new friends alike with the same upbeat, high-energy attitude. 

Gay’s Favorites at Ketchum Kitchens:
Maria’s cookbook selection
Our newly expanded food and wine selection
Lafco candles
Spanish cazuelas 

Maria Sanchez

Maria has a kitchen store’s dream resume; her experience in the food world is definitely nothing to sneeze at! She worked for the original founder of Sur La Table in Seattle, often assisting guest chefs and authors for cooking demonstrations and book signings, she was the co-owner of Campagne restaurant in Seattle for many years, and she owned Reheat, a new and used kitchen and tableware shop in Seattle.

Maria is our cookbook guru. She loves to read cookbooks and experiment with recipes.  When not learning or cooking, Maria loves long walks and hikes and spending time at her potter’s wheel.

Maria’s Favorites at Ketchum Kitchens:
8” chefs knife
Silicone rubber spatula
10” Lodge cast iron skillet
9” Scanpan
Starlight Herbs and Spices